Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook

Rating: +

Editors of Vegetarian Times

I use this cookbook all of the time, and it may be my favorite. I got it through a book club and wasn't expecting much but it turns out to be really neat. There's a big section at the front talking about vegetarianism, different ways of being a vegetarian, and ways that people introduce themselves and their family to eating a vegetarian diet. It includes a set of meal menus as well, in categories including "getting your kids to eat vegetarian" and "serving a fancy meal to the guest who thinks it isn't a meal without meat" as well as standard family meal menus.

The recipes themselves are pretty clear to follow. Something I really like is that if a recipe calls for a somewhat unusual ingredient, they also list alternate ingredients that you can substitute. It's great if you're flipping through looking for a recipe that only uses what is on hand and the perfect recipe just happens to call for watercress and bamboo shoots. I've got a few basic meals out of this that I really enjoy, but the fancy dishes are interesting while achievable as well.


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