Expanded Universe

Rating: -

Robert Heinlein

Expanded Universe is just awful. It's a hodgepodge of stories and essays and plain old rants about how a nuclear crisis, either from a missile or from a meltdown in a plant, is inevitable and that we all need to start preparing for when nuclear war comes and move out to the back woods where we'll survive the fallout. He has long descriptions of what you need to hoard and what skills you need to learn and stuff about forming new little vigilante/militia bands that will support themselves and oust the invaders. Enough to give you nightmares even if you aren't already scared of this stuff. And he seems to go off the deep end at times, not offering reasons and arguments for what he says but just yelling that we're all doomed. You'd be better off reading a Heinlein novel, and the looking up some serious, non-hysterical non-fiction works on the risk of a nuclear crisis and how to survive one.


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