Animal Husbandry

Rating: 0

Laura Zigman

A humorous book about a woman who is sick of getting emotionally steamrolled by men and starts a Jane Goodall type project of watching the guy she lives with, and men in general, trying to figure them out. Comes up with all kinds of theories about men. It's male bashing with only a token nod to "some men are okay". It was too pessimistic for me at places, but parts of it I actually laughed out loud about (and I do this rarely with books). The title of the book is connected to the theory that the narrator comes up with that men are like cows after reading an article that said that male cows won't mate with female cows more than once but instead will insist on moving on to new cows. Overall, a '0' - a quick read that if you're in the right mood for it can be amusing.

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